Final Frontier

A 1 on 1 summoner wars style space battle game.

Each ship has strengths and weaknesses against different types of opponents. Build ships at the right time and with the right formation to destroy the opponents mothership.

Fighter: A well rounded ship with enough firepower to take down armored units.

Wasp: A fast and in-expensive ship, designed to overwhelm the enemy with numbers.

Brute: A ship with explosive weaponry, able to quickly dispose of large squads of ships at far range.

Rogue: An extremely agile ship with lateral propulsion, able to circumvent the enemy and attack from behind.

Frigate: A massive ship that fires barrages of missiles at an insane rate and range.

Destroyer: A truly magnificent feat of engineering with unmatched power.


screenshot-128 screenshot-131 screenshot-211 screenshot-207 screenshot-192 screenshot-206 screenshot-212

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