A 4 player brawler with a hint of fantasy, made for the Kinect. Made in 48 hours.

Back in 2015, a couple of colleagues and I participated in a 2-day Hackathon held by Microsoft at Swinburne University.

Actual development consisted of 16-20 solid hours of work, around 8 of which was struggling with the Kinect API and calibrations, lots of trial and error. This will be my first 2.5D brawler and also my first Kinect game. The controls were simple but ridiculous where you control the character movement with your hips and attacked doing boxing gestures/raising your hand.

Players control on-screen characters using only their hips and arms.

Basic attacks are fired with a “boxing” gesture, while Special attacks are fired by raising both hands.

Character movement is controlled by leaning your body.

Each character has a unique skill set and play style.


Basic Attack: Slash

Special Attack: Flame Strike


Basic Attack: Blast

Special Attack: Lightning Storm


Basic Attack: Punch

Special Attack: Ground Slam

Iron Man

Basic Attack: Hand Cannon

Special Attack: Energy Beam

screenshot-1 screenshot-10 screenshot-15 screenshot-25 screenshot-26 screenshot-5

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