The Amazing Fishy

A game project I made in university and the first game I ever made!

Developed in C# with Visual Studio. The design is based on the original mechanic of Fishy where you eat smaller fish to grow bigger, this game added some crazy power-ups and dodgy physics. Oh and optional tilt controls on the tablet that made it impossible to play.

The game put you through an endless cycle of levels until you lose. There were 2 game modes that would appear at random with each level:

Survival: Survive for a certain amount of time to proceed.

Elimination: Destroy all enemies to proceed.

Some levels included “bosses” that had like 30 smaller versions of themselves circling them, it was tough.

Finally power-ups spice up the game:

Grow: Triple your size for a short time before returning to a third of your size, this could be very dangerous if you take too much damage during the buff, reducing you to a spec of dust when it ends.

Clones: Spawn clones of yourself which are then AI controlled, the AI would target the nearest enemy but would return to you if you are too far away. Eating additional clone buffs while clone is active will make clones of your clones which could lead to amazing fish destruction and lag. Clones also inherit all of your current buffs!

Speed: Max your speed, making it even harder to control, but you attack faster I guess.

Bubble: Gain the ability to fire bubbles from your mouth at a very fast rate to destroy your enemies! Bubbles have a medium spread, best used for close to medium range.

Health: Gain some health / grow a little bit bigger.

screenshot-90 screenshot-94 preview1 preview2 screenshot-12 screenshot-61 screenshot-62

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